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 Despite the strong sales that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile series boasts part after part, but it did not provide satisfactory performance for the old fans of the series, the game began to present stories that we see as weak in the past years. Activision not only did this but decided to delete the entire story mode during the last part Black Ops 4
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 Despite the strong sales that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile series boasts part after part, but it did not provide satisfactory performance for the old fans of the series, the game began to present stories that we see as weak in the past years. Activision not only did this but decided to delete the entire story mode during the last part Black Ops 4 and that the game will rely on the introduction of group and cooperative gameplay modes only, which is the straw that broke the camel’s back for players who called on the company to try to think a lot before introducing a new part of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile series and introducing radical changes that will satisfy these players.

That’s why Activision decided to let the next part of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile games come from Infinity Ward Studio, the team that introduced us to the most famous part of the entire series, the Modern Warfare trilogy, and introduced us to one of the iconic characters in the entire video game world, Captain Price. In order to return the prestige of the series again, the studio decided to return to the most famous title, Modern Warfare, and to reintroduce it again differently from the first trilogy through the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile: Modern Warfare, which will present a bold story, new multiplayer phases, cancel the loot boxes, use new technologies via the computer and present them with a new engine, all those things that were revealed in the past period by the developers of the game made us excited about this title, and that it may be The perfect return to the series and getting back on track again, and that’s certainly what we’ll learn about during our review of the game’s events.

The town of Urzikstan needs us

The game is initially set in a fictional town in the Middle East called Urzikstan, which is witnessing fierce conflicts between the rebels led by Farah and Haidar Karim, the Russian forces of General Roman Barkov and the third party, the “killers” group, who want to eliminate everyone. During the conflicting events inside that town, the events of the game begin directly during the tracking of one of the shipments by the US military, which is poisonous gas, but suddenly this operation fails and the gas is stolen and here you will embark on the journey of the comrades of the rebels and their fighters in order to recover this gas and eliminate both the Russian forces and the group of killers at the same time.

At the same time, London is subjected to a terrorist operation that forces Captain Price to return to his activity again and goes on to track down that group that caused that terrorist operation to point all the leads to the group of “killers” and the presence of its leaders in the town of Urzikstan and here will meet “Price” and Kyle Garrick of the British Army and “Farah” and her brother from the freedom fighters and also “Alex” from the US Army and these three parties will have to cooperate together in order to find deadly gas, eliminate the group of “killers” and its leaders and help the inhabitants of the “killers” The town too.

Perhaps from just our narration of the events of the story you find it traditional and a bit simple, but the story is not at all so for the first time we find a video game that tries to present war crimes and intertwined conflicts in this way, here it highlights the war crimes committed by the “Russians” horribly inside the town of Urzikstan and we did not find it in any of the action games and previous wars in this way that it was presented during the game, and other than that part, the story also presented a set of intertwined dialogues between the characters of the game and destinations The different view of each of them towards so many ideas that it caused the destruction of some principles and laws in order to reach the goal, which is what we saw during one of the missions of the game with Captain Price, which appeared in a way that we are not used to seeing before.

The game gives you the opportunity of the game with 3 characters over the course of your experience, where you will control different parties from the first three parties, which is Alex and the view of the US military about what is happening, the second character, Kyle Garrick, who walks with Captain Price and under the command of British intelligence, which by the way is a name we heard before “You can guess and tell us his identity in the comments”, and the third party, which is the character of “Farah Karim” and we learn about her story and the beginning of the conflict within that town and the reasons for her transformation into a commander of “fighters” Freedom.”

New engine and realistic gameplay

As Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile: Modern Warfare is a new reintroduction of the Modern Warfare trilogy, Infinity Ward has decided to use their own new development engine, and this engine has been able to give the studio the opportunity to highlight their potential, both in terms of graphics, which we will talk about later and even in terms of gameplay, which we will talk about now. The new engine added realism significantly during the game experience, this time the game not only asks you but forces you to use your mind before you use your weapon during the execution of various tasks, you can no longer take your weapon and start shooting right and left, enemies are now smarter and more dangerous and will always try to approach you and eliminate you. You can say that the atmosphere of realistic combat has returned again, during the past years the dependence on running on walls and Jet packs has become huge, which used to bother us greatly, but now those elements are no longer present now, the game is a little slower and you will need to focus on aiming at your enemies so that you do not have to waste your ammunition in vain.

The game also added some new elements during our experience, the weapons have a recoil system similar to the one offered by Rainbow Six Siege and you will have to learn to direct weapons, and in addition to the new recoil system of the game, the game now enables you to install the weapon on all surfaces and vehicles in order to focus more and aim at enemies behind walls and walls, which keeps you healthy for as long as possible. Although at the beginning of our experience of the game we tried it at the “intermediate” level, but it presented a great challenge for us, and the more you increase the level of difficulty of the game, the bigger and bigger the challenge and the longer you will need hours of play than we needed in the intermediate game, which took us between 5 to 6 hours to finish the entire story phase, that is, you can finish it in a session One

The game and during the story phase offers a new idea that we have not seen in the series before and that is that it asked you to choose between a set of options and based on the options that will provoke dialogue with the character in front of you differently, it does not affect at all the course of the events of the game or its story, but it only affects the situation itself and is a good addition that can be developed in the future and see the presentation of more than one story with various options such as the famous RPG games and will be a distinctive addition We certainly aspire to see it in the future. One of the things that we also liked during our experience of the game is the killing of innocent people, the game punishes you for killing innocent people, whether by mistake or deliberately, in both cases the game will ask you to stop killing innocent people or your failure of the task and return you to it from the beginning and not advanced conservation points, but of course there are a lot of enemies who try to imitate innocent people and here you will have to use your wisdom to recognize and eliminate them before they eliminate you.

The game offers a powerful arsenal of different weapons that vary between near-range and powerful weapons or even long-range weapons and suit all tastes and different gameplay, but besides the many weapons offered by the game, for the first time in the series you will be able to fully customize the weapons, here it is also more like the game Rainbow Six Siege and you can modify the weapons completely and it is not just changing the pieces, but each piece you will change offers a certain option either greater accuracy or lower recoil For the weapon and a larger aiming area or even a safe and more shots, for this you will have to read the details of each attachment and piece before changing it to provide better performance of your favorite weapon, and you can open more attachments as you play more with the weapon itself and increase its level.

Shared gaming experience and new game modes

Since the official announcement of the game and the experience of co-play was one of the things that was thrilled over and over again until we wanted to try the game to learn about the effectiveness of that feature, and that now we can try the game with other players across the rest of the devices, which adds a greater challenge, especially for owners of home appliances in fighting and competing with PC owners, who have the best, especially in shooting games, but in general it worked very well even We were able to play with some friends via PC.

And before we talk about the stages of group play and the new that I presented, we will talk about the return of one of the distinctive classic phases, which is the special ops mode, through which we complete the events of the story of the game differently, this phase will put you with three other players in some missions through which you will face the artificial intelligence of the game, and you will enter into fierce confrontations that will need you to communicate with other players continuously, the phase offers great difficulty and great spread to enemies, which caused our death a lot of times. A dedicated mission to this phase is Spec Ops Survival which will be available exclusively via the PlayStation 4 platform for a full year from now based on Activision’s deal with Sony.

New additions in multiplayer mode

Surely everyone knows that multiplayer is one of the important elements of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile until we saw Activision offer us an entire part based on multiplayer only, as happened with Black Ops 4, so this phase will see great additions from the introduction of various new modes.

Starting with the new Gunfight mode

It is a two-on-two game mode that enters both teams with random and varied weapons in each round against the other team, and the mode offers small play maps to increase competition between players and enthusiasm and therefore the games of this style end quickly, which made us enjoy this style a lot and we tried it a lot with our friends and is a good opportunity to try all kinds of weapons offered by the game, whether light or heavy weapons.

Ground War

If you try Battlefield games, you definitely know very well what the Conquest mode supports up to 64 players, which is exactly what the Ground War mode offers. The new mode supports up to 64 players with huge maps in which you can use all kinds of vehicles in order to control the points scattered in the game map or even eliminate each other. By the way, it’s a very fun style, especially if you have a team that you can enter and enjoy competing with other players over the network.

Cyper Attack Mode

This style is similar to the search and destruction games of the famous Counter-Strike game, but with minor changes. The mode supports 6 against 6 others, and the goal of this pattern is to look for the bomb that sits in the middle of the map but this time you will not have to destroy it, but plant it in the enemy area and the team that will be able to either eliminate the members of the first team or succeed in planting the bomb will be the winning team of the round. That’s why you’ll always have to stay with your team members and resuscitate the fallen individuals to survive and be able to plant those bombs.

Realistic style

It is one of the most beloved patterns for us during our experience of the multiplayer mode, this style puts players in a state of caution and challenge continuously, at first there is no mini-map through which enemies can be monitored, or even hear the sounds of the legs of enemies and even places of fire as if you are walking like a blind person will try to focus to monitor your enemies and their movements with your eyes without relying on any of the elements of the game, which provided what a very enjoyable experience during which we spent long hours.

Unlike the aforementioned modes, the game still maintains the traditional patterns that are commonly seen in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile games such as Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, and Free-For-All.

Since we are talking about multiplayer, we tried it through the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms, and during the two platforms there was a clear discrepancy in the speeds of ping the game sometimes ranging from 40 to 50 at times and there are other times that increased to 120 and 130 and were untestable at times and allow other players to hunt you before eliminating them.

The PC game also had problems connecting to the Internet as if it were using a Peer-to-peer system and not servers for the game, which we would definitely like to change in the coming period. Also via the computer there was a disturbing problem that occurs during the gameplay which is the group chat that was strangely stopped inside the matches, while during the waiting and allocation of weapons it worked without any problems, but when entering the games it stops working directly!!

Impressive graphics and Ray-Tracing support

With the new engine, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile: Modern Warfare was able to provide a very distinctive graphical experience, starting with the design of the characters and the embodiment of the team, especially the English actor Barry Sloan, who portrayed Captain Price in his new form and appeared in a way that makes us nostalgic for the old parts. Even the design of the diverse and different gameplay between the city of London to the fictional town of Urzikstan finds there a great deal of attention to detail and the presentation of diversity in those play environments whether deserts, cities, buildings specific to each region and play environment. Otherwise, the design of the game during movement, action and even during explosions was very distinctive, and the owners of the computer platform will be able to enjoy the distinctive Ray-Tracing technology that works through RTX cards and made the game look its best.

The cinematic scenes in the game are definitely one of its features, as they are presented with much stronger graphics as we see in the image at the top and bottom and the embodiment of the characters during those scenes made us always yearn for the scenes of the cinematic game and excited about them because of the quality with which they appear throughout our experience of the story of the game.

Sounds no less valuable than game graphics

The game was able to offer sounds that are no less valuable than the graphics of the game, the voice performance of the characters and actors was very good and conveys the emotion of the characters directly to your ear, but what is annoying here is that a lot of soldiers of “freedom fighters” pronounce the Arabic language completely incorrectly, it is assumed that the town “is a town that uses the Arabic language but has not been presented well at all and there is great controversy. But this certainly does not disturb the sound of the game, especially the sound effects that made us present within the events of the game in a large way from the sound of bounce of gun shots or the sounds of explosions and shattering glass and the traffic of enemies and other players during the multiplayer phase was able to provide a realistic experience and therefore we recommend using one of the good earbuds until you get a full experience in terms of sound effects.

The game is available in Arabic and supported during the Middle East stores, and the game came with a translation of texts and dialogues and the translation of menus and all elements of the game which was presented very well, especially the dialogues of the game that presented it distinctively without any flaws or problems as it used to happen before.

The bottom line

Activision has been able to fulfill its promise completely towards Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile: Modern Warfare and that it will offer a different gaming experience and radical changes, it is the game that brings the entire series back on track, starting with the story of the game and the conflicts it presented made us remember the glories of the series and especially the old Modern Warfare trilogy and the story that made us relate to that series for sure. Besides the distinctive story presented by the game, the great changes in the gameplay made it offer a realistic experience unlike the past parts and needs players to slow down and develop strategies and tactics before carrying out various tasks. Of course, the game has made many improvements in the level of multiplayer mode, which has seen new game modes that will make us spend long hours of playing without getting bored, and this of course is accompanied by the co-op mode that offers you various tasks that you can perform after the end of the story of playing with other players across the network and enter the PVE competitions and the exciting challenges it presents. To complement that distinctive painting presented by the game provided us with dazzling graphics and very good acoustics with support for the Arabic language that made us enjoy our experience of this title, and very excited about the upcoming parts of Modern Warfare and the new path that the series is on, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile: Modern Warfare was able to offer an unforgettable experience for sure.

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Despite the strong sales that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile series boasts part after part, but it did not provide satisfactory performance for the old fans of the series, the game began to present stories that we see as weak in the past years. Activision not only did this but decided to delete the entire story mode during the last part Black Ops 4


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