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GTA 5 MOBILE Lite is a mobile game that was launched on iOS and Android platforms.
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GTA 5 Mobile Lite

 is not only a fun game, it is also a purposeful mockery of contemporary American society. Neither in size nor in terms of detail and telling an enjoyable story that gives you the freedom to go on your adventures during it, it is one of the best PC games in history.

All of what we said above is true for the PC version, and let’s confirm that this version is the best version for it as Rockstar took advantage of the technical capabilities of the platform and provided us with an optimal experience in terms of frame rate, resolution (up to 4K resolution) and the ability to view on multiple screens, add to that the open world The city of Los Santos with all its minute details means that the PC is the only place you can play GTA 5 Mobile Lite at 60 frames or more, which makes driving and shooting a great experience.

The graphics options are numerous and detailed, ranging from accuracy to adjusting the viewing distance, the control buttons can also be customized and you can listen to your own music via the game radio.

The menus are well designed and they are easy to use with the mouse, but you may face a problem in browsing the stores’ goods, for example, using the mouse compared to the D-pad or the arrows, but it is certainly possible, which is normal because the game was not originally designed for the PC.

On the other hand, using the mouse to aim is very fun, but it makes the fight a little easier. I don’t claim to be a pro at shooting, but I noticed that I eliminated most enemies with one shot, especially when I was playing first-person mode. That doesn’t mean you can’t be beat because the authorities It won’t stop chasing you until you escape or die, and the fun of the challenge will remain with the huge numbers of enemies.

There are some nice additions to the PC version for the control process, for example, you can press the Shift button for continuous jogging or press the Caps Lock button to activate a special ability, and all the first-person style problems found in PS4 and Xbox have been resolved in the PC version.

One of the beautiful things that I liked in GTA 5 Mobile Lite and was also present in GTA 5 Mobile Lite is that you can move from controlling using the mouse and keyboard to controlling with a control hand directly, there is no need to go to the menu in order to switch, just click on the tool you want to control and a note will appear on the screen It tells you what kind of tool you are using, which is very important in a game where it’s easy to aim using the mouse and keyboard and drive with the joystick.

As for GTA Online, I experienced some interruptions and delays, but I think it’s normal for an online game that brings thirty players together. The amazing thing here is the number of different and varied activities you can do: there are dozens of deathmatches and co-op missions (including heists), races on land, sea and air (some of them involving combat) as well as the open-world mayhem created by other players. The online version of Los Santos is a place where anything can happen at any time, and it’s nice to see how people use this freedom regardless of the fact that most of it is collisions between different elements.

The most important feature of the PC version is the Rockstar Editor movie tool and its attached Director mode that gives you a range of playable character models. It is a powerful creative tool that allows you to capture videos and then edit them and export them as movies, I had a technical error that made me lose an hour From working on a short film about a guy in a strange costume who beats people on the beach. I liked the mechanics of the camera and the ease of the editing tools that made me wish I had better video directing capabilities. Luckily there are a lot of talented and creative people who will be making many GTA 5 Mobile Lite videos for years to come.


Amazing open world

good control

great variety

Great in single-player and multiplayer modes.

Movie Editor


GTA 5 Mobile Lite is a masterpiece in the form of a game and the PC version is the best version of it, the game raises the level of creativity to a high level, it is full of content and details and allows you a lot to do or explore in both single-player and multiplayer modes in addition to great creative tools, it is really Amazing on every level.

GTA 5 Mobile Lite is one of the most awaited open world games for nearly two years, to be finally released on the PC platform on April 14, with a size of 59 GB. The game was launched in 2013 in September for the old generation PS3 & Xbox 360 platforms, then 2014 came to us, to finally be announced at the E3 exhibition at dawn, Egypt time. GTA 5 Mobile Lite for the new generation platforms PS4 & Xbox One and for the PC platform by the end of 2014, where we will share with you today a detailed review of the story of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite

GTA 5 Mobile Lite (GTA 5 Mobile Lite) Game Story

Logo Of GTA 5 Mobile Lite

A brief summary of the story of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite There is no burning of the events of the story, so do not worry, they are all initial events in the game.

The story of the GTA 5 Mobile Lite game revolves around three main characters in the game, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, who are criminals whose stories are linked to each other through the tasks that they carry out together in the city (Los Santos), where within the game each character has a special story mode With it, you will discover it yourself, but the story of Michael & Trevor was mixed in the beginning, where the game revolves at the beginning with three characters who were trying to rob a bank, including Michael and Trevor. That they ran away from the police for a moment, but the joy was not complete, the car was destroyed, which resulted in them heading to the plane on foot, but there was an unknown person waiting for them, so he sniped their third friend and Michael was also wounded by a bullet, which made Trevor scream because he sees his best friend in his last moments and was intending to make an attempt To kill the sniper, but Trevor prevented him from doing so and told him to run for your life, we are dead, Trevor could not escape, the police attacked them and there was a clash between Trevor and the police, which made Trevor take one The city is hostage to him, an old woman, and he ran away and released her, and Trevor could not take his share of the stolen money. No water, and this was the story of Michael and Trevor at the beginning of the game’s events.

The story of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite

The story of Michael and Franklin and how they met each other is as follows:

Franklin Mann works for one of the famous car dealers, where he was doing difficult tasks for him, such as eliminating gangs threatening his store or recovering some of his cars. Franklin broke into Michael’s house to take the car and drive it to the store again to find someone in the back seat, Michael, who was aiming a pistol behind his head and threatening him not to stop the car and that he was waiting for him and ordered him to break into his boss’s shop. The owner of the shop with Michael in front of him pointing a gun at him and Michael gave Franklin some money to go on his own and Michael gave the owner of the car shop a lesson he would not forget by not tracking him or his son again and as a result Franklin lost his only job, which made him go to Michael in search of work to find Michael in full His anger because he found that his wife is cheating on him with her tennis coach, Michael said to Franklin, I came in your time and I want you with me to eliminate this coach, so they followed him to his house and they brought down the house head To be surprised that this house is not owned by the coach, but was owned by a major mafia leader who threatened Michael’s life and the elimination of his family if he did not pay the costs of the house, which are estimated at five million dollars, which made Michael return to his previous era and carry out a robbery or what we call Heist with his help Franklin and his old friend to try to pay off the house he dropped.

Will Trevor ever return to Los Santos?

Trevor was watching TV at the time and found news of an armed robbery of a large jewelry store, and one of the guards was talking about the people he saw when escaping. He is certainly alive and enjoys a decent life now, and Trevor is set to go to Los Santos again, and he is a crazy character who does whatever he likes in his own way. Trevor returns to Los Santos again to follow the events and meet the two friends again.

The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 Mobile Lite

First: the characters

GTA 5 Mobile Lite (GTA 5 ) Characters

The gameplay of the game is one of the things that have been created inside the game, because you do not play with just one character, but three characters, each of which has its own missions, which can be linked to the missions of other characters and play with three characters at the same time, which means you can switch between them with one mission for sure. This is great, but when you start playing the game, you won’t be able to play with the three characters directly or switch between them because you haven’t unlocked them yet.

It will start first with Franklin, a poor young man in his mid-twenties who lives in the old neighborhoods of Los Santos with his mother, works in a car showroom and performs some tasks for the owner of the showroom, most of which are illegal tasks such as retrieving the cars of the exhibition that people bought from the owner of the exhibition and did not pay all the remaining money them but he does it all because he wants to get more money

 Through Michael the personal bank robber He retired in his early forties and lives with his family that will blow his mind. His son is addicted to drugs and plays video games, his daughter is fond of being a famous art star but hangs out with dangerous characters, and his wife always cheats on him with her coaches as a tennis and yoga coach.

Trevor, the ex-military pilot, is Michael’s ex-partner. He lives alone in a trailer in the desert outside Los Santos, and Trevor’s actions are always reckless and crazy, making everyone fear him.

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Character Skills in Grand Thief 5

Each of these three characters has its own special skill that distinguishes it from the rest of the other characters:

The skill of Trevor’s character can withstand bullets for a period of time and stand in front of a barrage of them, and when it is activated, the health bar returns to decrease naturally. Trevor is also one of the most skilled characters in flying pilots

The skill of Michael’s character can slow down time for a period of time, making him take precedence, for example, his presence in the past, and I did this feature that slows down the time for a while, but the movement is also slow, but it gives you the advantage, such as catching a specific goal or in one of the races, and Michael is also one of the most skilled characters using snipers.

Franklin’s special skill makes him able to control the car in an unprecedented way while driving, which helps him, for example, like catching up with one of the gang cars during pursuit or escaping through the police. Or flying, driving, swimming and other skills that you can develop while playing the game

Second: Driving cars in GTA 5 Mobile Lite Driving cars in GTA 5 Mobile Lite

The wonderful gameplay of the game includes driving cars inside the game, which is what made me fascinated by the mechanism of the game engine. Like the rest of the other games in which you may drive the car, you will automatically find it out of your control while controlling it right or left. We find many types of cars inside the game, passing through large trucks, racing cars and motorcycles. Besides driving, the destruction of cars is more realistic than all the previous parts. When a car collides with another, many dents occur around the collision area, as well as when shooting towards cars, only the affected area is hurt.

Third: The open world map of GTA 5 Mobile Lite

How do we describe the open world map of GTA 5 Mobile Lite, whose map is estimated to be the size of two entire cities in North America, and the game map is the largest open world game map in history released so far. That is to fly over the city of Los Santos and discover all the places that you have not discovered before, passing through the picturesque nature of the game world and watching the animals on the sides of the road such as deer eating the grass and running them behind each other, knowing that there are about more than 20 different animals in the game world and you can do another wonderful experience Like wicking under water, seeing sharks, coral reefs and all kinds of fish, there is nothing more wonderful than that.

Fourth: Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 Mobile Lite missions

One of the most wonderful things that I enjoyed in the game is the mechanism of diversifying the missions between the three characters. Each character has his own missions and developed his own story. There are also missions that bring the three characters together, so you switch between the three characters until you contain the situation you are in.

Fifth: Vehicles in GTA 5 Mobile Lite

Vehicles in Grand Thief 5

Unlike all the previous parts, many types of vehicles have been added inside the game, such as many types of helicopters, such as helicopters, warplanes, large passenger planes, as well as classic planes and planes for celebrities and many, in addition to tanks and many types of cars, including racing cars, large trucks, small single-passenger vehicles through trucks. Four-wheel drive and many types of wonderful cars in the game, as well as many types of wonderful motorcycles have been added, such as motorcycles for sandy areas, as well as four-wheel drive bikes, as well as classic and regular bikes, and many more, in addition to the presence of regular “wheel” bikes and many types of ships that you can drive by water, sea bikes and driving Submarines, marine vehicles and much more.

Sixth: Police in GTA 5 Mobile Lite

Of course, if we talk about one of the Grand Theft Auto series of games, we cannot forget the most important element of the success of this series, “the police”, which is the basic idea of ​​​​the formation of the series in the first part of the series. An error occurred or went wrong in the game, making the character fight with the police and chase him, which inspired the company to make the police an essential element of this The series is to make the police a deterrent weapon for all your actions in the game, but have the police skills been developed or increased in this part? Unlike all the previous parts of this legendary series, the police in this part will not be lenient with you.

See the car, and the unbelievable consequences will happen. The police will chase you so that you can hide from it, and be careful not to drive by increasing the stars of the police during the performance of your missions. You have to mislead them until you resume your mission again. The more stars, the more cars and planes chasing you.

Seventh: The perspective of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite

GTA 5 Mobile Lite . game perspective

GTA 5 Mobile Lite was first developed from a third-person perspective and was released for the old generation platforms with this perspective, and when the game was announced for the new generation platforms & the PC platform, it was announced that a first-person perspective would be added to the game, which increased the enthusiasm of many to experience the new perspective of the game on the new generation platforms And on the PC platform, of course, this is the first time that the Grand Theft Auto series has happened. We all witness that most parts of the series are from the third perspective, unlike the early parts of the series, which were from the top perspective. Of course, this increased the enthusiasm of many to try the new perspective of the game, and you can switch between the first person perspective and the third person perspective. however you wish.

Eighth: Weapons in GTA 5 Mobile Lite

Weapons in GTA 5 Mobile Lite

You can carry about more than 12 different weapons with you and you will never lose them even if you are caught. You can also throw weapons or bullets to your friends, as well as you can develop all your weapons such as developing a sniper weapon to include a thermal scope that kills enemies from a great distance, as well as adding a flash lamp that lights up when you use the weapon at night And many other updates in your weapon that you own, in addition to the ability to change the color of the weapon to another available, but of course all of this requires a lot of money in the beginning.

Ninth: Your mobile in the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite

 Your mobile game GTA 5 Mobile Lite

“iFruit” through this mobile, you can receive all your missions on it and the calls of the main characters to give you missions in the game world to side with, and whenever you accomplish a mission, the character who spoke to you is added to the list of your contacts on the phone, which you can call them at any time to get sub-missions to earn some good money and through it You can also take pictures and upload them on social networking sites, as well as on your mobile phone. You can access some of the sites available in it, and there is also a special summoning of your car in the multiplayer mode.

Tenth: Rockstar Editor’s Scenes Output Tool

Rockstar Editor is a tool for editing and editing scenes within the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite, and it is exclusive only on the PC platform, where you can start filming the gameplay clips inside the game, stop filming, and output the appropriate clip that you want to share with your friends on YouTube and social networking sites, and not only that, as there is a new feature called Director Mode With this tool, which will allow all players on the PC platform, the ability to register through any character inside the game, whether all characters in the story mode or even from the characters of the online addition of Heists, and even you can use animals to photograph when this mode is activated, Director Mode, and this mode will also allow you to control the time inside the game And the weather and a lot, and as we mentioned to you previously about the reasons for the delay of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite on the PC platform, this tool was one of those reasons for the delay in the release of the game on the platform and to know all the reasons for the delay of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite on the PC

To see the official presentation of how this tool works, click here.

We are now moving to the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 Mobile Lite

GTA 5 Mobile Lite . multiplayer mode

Within the multiplayer mode, you can do everything that solves you, as many of us may love multiplayer more than the story mode in any game, and this is because he wants to compete with many players from around the world and prove his abilities in front of them. And buy a private garage for the cars owned by you, in which you save your cars, and you can also do the following when you enter the game online:

Create your own character in GTA 5 Mobile Lite

First, create your own character and modify it as you like:

You can play with a girl or an ordinary guy. You can add cuts and tattoos and the general view of the body was fat or thin, or even make him wear hats or glasses. You can also buy masks that you put on your face in order to hide from enemies and bounty hunters if a reward is placed on your head from Before one of the players and after creating your character, you go into the game, but first you have to join the Crew, your crew or group so that you can find many friends who help you with your collective missions and do not spend long periods searching for people who compete with you or play with you

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Secondly, you can start by completing the missions of the GTA Online game:

Which exceeds hundreds of group missions that you and your friends complete together. It is fun to join with your friends and go on a tour to finish a mission such as blowing up cars or even getting drugs from some promoters and delivering them to the desired goal.

GTA Online game missions

Third, your multiplayer gameplay in GTA Online increases your level of promotion:

Whenever you finish a mission or even kill people wanted for justice, there are places for team play that are abundant inside the game, through which you can enter, for example, to group races containing 16 people or 8 people, and you can also join something more fun, which is TeamDeath Matches and by entering this The phase you can join many players from 8 to 16 or even 30 players with two teams against each other and if you are the host on the server you can control the shape of the match as if it is from the perspective of the first or third person, as well as the type of weapons and the map that will be played.

Multiplayer GTA 5 Mobile Lite

Fourth missions of Hesits:

Which was recently released, in which you and three other friends can join in carrying out the robberies that are required of you to carry out and plan together how to steal and escape from the police, and this is one of the most wonderful missions of playing the game.

Collective in the game, and this type of mission is unlocked when you reach level 12 in the online game, and you must have owned an apartment inside the online to study the planning inside of how to carry out robberies, and each Heist agent you perform will cost you about more than 55 thousand dollars of your money to play, knowing that the special rewards By completing this type of mission, it may be more than a million dollars, and if you finish all of them with the same team, you will get another million. And killing, and remember that cooperation between team members is an important and essential thing for the success of every robbery in Heists, as one mistake can spoil the entire mission. There are no lives for everyone in the team. Everyone has one life, so he must preserve it until the mission succeeds and the transition to the next mission.

Hesits . missions


What a great acoustics in GTA 5 Mobile Lite There are a lot of radio stations for the game that Rockstar has provided us with, so you can change the channel whenever you want to listen to new tunes and there is also GTA 5 Mobile Lite on the PC platform only an exclusive radio station for it which will include some great music tracks from the two bands Alchemist & Oh No where the two groups together recorded a number of tracks and an entire album recorded exclusively for the PC platform.


The development of the GTA 5 Mobile Lite game for the PC platform started from scratch, and no port was made from the console devices to the PC platform, as is the case with most companies that do not want to bother themselves and launch an exclusive that they had issued on the console platforms for the PC platform by making a port, i.e. transferring and updating the game from the console For the PC, which results in weak and not strong graphics, but we all saw the difference in GTA 5 Mobile Lite graphics between the PC platform and the console platforms. Of course, the higher graphics resolution will be for PC. Players can play the GTA 5 Mobile Lite game on the PC platform with a resolution of 4k display, which is of course not available on console platforms and the game works At 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution on PC.

GTA 5 Mobile Lite game on the PC platform, the best graphically, see the comparison pictures and judge for yourself.

Video comparison of GTA 5 Mobile Lite’s graphics on PS4 & PC & Xbox One platforms.

A picture of the performance of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite on graphics cards from Nvidia with Intel processors, which compete with graphics cards of AMD.

GTA 5 Mobile Lite game performance on Nvidia graphics cards

It is worth noting that the latest update for NVIDIA cards adjusts the game performance to SLI mode when playing the game in 4k resolution and also adjusts the frame rate per second. To download this update, please go to the following link:

 Launching the official update for your graphics card from Nvidia on the occasion of the launch of the game GTA 5 Mobile Lite

And everyone who encountered problems inside the game can go to this link, which includes solving the problems of the game and to find out the requirements for running the game from here

Is GTA 5 Mobile Lite worth buying?

 GTA 5 Mobile Lite Purchase

After we heard the story of GTA 5 Mobile Lite, is the game worth buying? Of course, yes, the game is one of the most powerful games released so far, with sales of more than 50 million copies on console platforms since its launch so far. Did you know that the game was one of the best-selling games on Steam before it was launched on the PC platform? So you really have to try the full game in order to enjoy its multiplayer mode and all the exclusive features of this version. If you try the pirated version, believe me, you will not enjoy it as much as you will enjoy it within the multiplayer mode of the game.

My question to everyone now is do you really intend to buy GTA 5 Mobile Lite? Share with us and to everyone who bought it Share your name on Steam so we can add each other to enjoy together inside the game and I will be the first person to share his name with you on Steam khaledosha1 Add me now and I wait for your participation and opinions about reviewing the game on the PC platform.


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