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PUBG Mobile VIP Hack is the biggest mobile game ever invented. There are some of the most common hacks and exploits that people often use in PUBG mobile games. Make sure to check out our other content. Keep up to date on new information, tips, and tricks regarding PUBG Mobile.
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PUBG Mobile VIP Hack is the biggest mobile game ever invented. It is played by millions of people daily, more than any other mobile game. The game on average had over 30 million players in December 2020. Pubg mobile has a higher number of players than any other game. However, with that great number of a player base in a free-to-play game, come thousands of cheaters. The developer Tencent has been quite actively hunting the hackers. There was a humongous ban wave that banned 2,800,000 accounts permanently.

I’m sure if you have ever played the game regularly, you come across many different types of frustrating hacks. You can report these players within the anti-cheat reporting feature that is available in the game. They have also recently implemented a video watching system, which lets you hunt down cheaters. Though, before you can go to that part, you need to understand the hints of cheats. What they play like, and what sort of difficulty they make.


Wallhacks are the bane of every single shooter game’s existence. No matter how competitive the game is or if it is just a super casual game even like Fortnite, wallhacks will be there. What this hack essentially does is give players a line of sight onto their opponents through objects such as walls, floors, ceilings, and everything else. The name wallhack comes from it giving players the ability to see through walls. There are many different renditions of this hack, one of which makes the walls completely transparent and see-through. While the more common rendition of the hack just highlights players through walls inside of a little green box

PUBG mobile players are trying their hardest to constantly keep using wallhacks, trying out and finding new ways to implement these hacks as the security and anti-cheat get tighter. A recent example was with players using the spectator mode to guide their players using wallhacks. The game has introduced changes to the spectator mode to counter this strategy, but no proper removal has been found yet.



Anti-Gravity hacks are the most blatant, and the easiest to spot. What this hack essentially does is lets the cheaters fly into the air to get a view of the map, it lets them spot players wherever they are if they aren’t hiding under ceilings and walls, though most cheaters pair this hack with a wallhack for an additional unfair gain. This hack is also known as “Jump Hack”. This hack can be used while driving a vehicle, so most PUBG cheaters grab armored vehicles and fly around in them. Some Anti-Gravity hacks are used to an extent where the cheater just flies out of the game’s boundary, because of which they are immune to the zone damage. They just wait around in the sky for the rest of the players to die of the zone.


This is a pretty popular hack and is used in pretty much every single shooter game. This hack essentially enables cheaters to be 100% accurate on their shots, hitting only headshots and doing full damage. Usually, most aim bots require the hacker to aim-down-sight to activate the locking on feature on these cheats, as some don’t even require the cheaters to do that and just instantly lock by themselves. This is an extremely easy hack to spot, most of the time. You can usually tell if an opponent is an aim botting through their inhumanly fast reflexes and accuracy, watching kill-cams is a must for this information.


Another obvious hack that has been breaking shooter games for the beginning of time. This hack provides you a much higher movement speed in the game. This hack is the weakest out of all, as it doesn’t only give insight but also provides movement speed. So, a bad aimer will remain bad even with an approved speed hack. Not to mention, controlling your movement with a higher speed is hard to manage, and can result in some free kills on the hackers. This hack can be used in combination with vectors. It makes growing out of the zone much easier for cheaters. Although most players use it because to drop faster, loot faster, and run away from battles faster.


Extra Sensory Perception, or more commonly known as ESP another highly popular hack used in many shooter games. This is just like wallhacks, although stronger. With ESP enabled, cheaters, can not only see their enemies through walls but also additional information such as their health, their weapon, what they have in their inventory, distance, and even their name and the emails the account is registered to.

The hack encodes into the game’s data that saved in memory, it is a super-advanced hack that delves into the game files and corrupts some data to manipulate the game to the cheater’s bidding. This hack is almost nearly impossible to spot out of the rest because it is entirely incognito. It called a “radar hack” because it showcases cheaters the locations of opponents with radar-like lines on the screen.

Pubg Mobile vip Hack – Free Download

There is some common hack pubg mobile that you can find in the game, that people often use in PUBG Mobile. Make sure to check out our other content. Keep up to date on new information, tips, and tricks regarding PUBG Mobile.

Don’t forget that we are extremely against the use of hacks in video games of all kinds. Cheating is illegal and prohibited by law. Get better at the game itself, play to learn, and win. Cheating results in permanently banned accounts, that’s why we do not approve the use of it. Make sure you’re playing fairly and there isn’t a limit in playing games if you’re winning through no perfect skill of your own.

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